Magazine editorials, catalogs, look books, & advertisements.  


Weddings, red carpets, galas, & parties.


Commercials, films, broadcast TV, & corporate video.


Traditional makeup application, airbrush makeup, tattoo coverup, men's makeup, light special effects (sun burn, sweat, aging, scars, cuts, dirt, elements, etc.), false eyelash application, character development, hair styling upon request.

Since 2007, Julianne's flawless makeup work has been seen in films, on national commercials & television programming, in catalogs and international publications, and beaming down countless wedding aisles. She teaches, she transforms, she empowers. All ages, all skin tones, all genders; any canvas is suitable to create a masterpiece.





"Julianne Ulrich Aumen blends her creative talent with true professionalism, making her the perfect person to have on any project. She is efficient, cordial, excellent at her work and makes everyone feel comfortable. Every time I know she will be on a project, I exhale just a little knowing that so many elements will just be "taken care of."  

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